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Since 2009, Brian has assisted hundreds of authors self publish. He has authored two books: 50 Interviews: Entrepreneurs Thriving in Uncertain Times and Finding Speaking Success (Wise Media Group). He was featured in Wild Ink: Successful Secrets to Writing and Publishing in the Young Adult Market (Prufrock Press). He was a columnist for the Northern Colorado Business Report from 2012-2013. His YouTube Channel has over 100,000 views. As a recognized expert in digital publishing and book marketing, Brian is a popular speaker at writers conferences around the country.

Brian Schwartz, The Kindle Expert

More than 80% of all books published today are self-published. eBooks now outsell print editions by more than 3-to-1. This digital revolution has permanently changed the rules of publishing and savvy authors who have learned how to play are reaping the rewards. But how do you enter this market? How do you, as a writer, prepare and protect your content for current and future formats?

Brian Schwartz, The Kindle Expert provides attendees a real-time glimpse into the exploding world of eBooks. Attend his workshop to learn how to tap into the largest and fastest-growing digital marketplaces following a proven formula that Brian not only recommends, but uses himself as a small publisher to generate thousands of dollars in royalties every month for his authors from eBook sales alone! By implementing the step-by-step framework, authors will reach a wider audience, uncover new niches, create a closer connection with readers, and realize increased demand for their writing… which translates into greater profits for the author.

Past speaking engagements and faculty positions include

As the demand for eBooks accelerates, the advantage goes to nimble authors, experts, and publishers who are able to stand out and rise above the noise.


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The book business is changing dramatically and exponentially and Brian is ahead of the curve. He was very generous in sharing his expertise and he alerted us about pitfalls to avoid. As an author and publisher he is a shining example of someone who knew what he wanted to do and then did it, expeditiously, successfully and efficiently. Nancy Mills, Past President, Colorado Independent Publishers Association

I received very positive feedback from all who attended Brian's Indie Publishing workshop at the Colorado Christian Writers Conference. I look forward to having him join us again at an upcoming conference.. to further arm attendees with the latest technology related to independent and eBook publishing. The face of publishing is rapidly shifting and we need more experts like Brian to lead authors safely down the ever changing path... to avoid the many minefields and arrive successfully. Marlene Bagnull, Litt.D. - Director of Colorado & Greater Philly Christian Writers Conferences

Based on the overwhelming popularity of the topic of eBooks, and given the fact Brian delivered a solid program for us last year, we are glad to welcome Brian back for a second year at the 51st annual Cape Cod Writers Conference. I would highly recommend Brian to other writer's conferences seeking to add an element of independent publishing to their curriculum. Nancy Rubin Stuart, Executive Director, Cape Cod Writers Center

Thanks to to Brian Schwartz, the Kindle Expert, for helping me publish the e-book of Loose Change. I worked on getting this done for a year, and Brian finally took me across the finish line. Sara Davidson, N.Y. Times best-selling Author