Uberize Your Business

by Brian Schwartz

Create an Uber-like business model to manage an on-demand workforce. Discover a new resource management model to deal with the ebbs and flows of publishing. See first hand how we manage a team of freelancers dispersed around the world to fulfill a compelling value proposition. Adopting this agile system to manage your own business will keep you competitive as author’s own DIY efforts evolve, and expose opportunities to streamline and increase profits. If you do manage a dispersed team, you’ll see how to easily execute work orders, define workflows, and build a repeatable process.

About the speaker

Brian Schwartz is past president of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association. In 2009, he launched 50 Interviews and adapted his publishing company to provide a full range of consulting, publishing, and marketing services to more than 400 authors. He is the CEO of SelfPublish.org, and an instructor in the writer’s program at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.